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Delivering excellence from day one.


With a preferred team of vendors including plumbers, roofers, contractors, masons, cleaners, trash removal, maintenance crews, etc. MerGo ensures your properties stay up to today’s standards without breaking the bank.

Rent Collection & Bookkeeping

Our objective is to simplify the customer experience for renters as well as owners. With MerGo’s online portal, tenants pay their rent online quickly with the additional option of setting up an automatic-pay. Owners receive rental income directly to their bank account.

Leasing & Tenant Screening

Partnered with premier real estate firms in the Boston area, MerGo has a defined methodology for screening tenants, guaranteeing smooth turnover and minimal vacancy.


Using an online portal, MerGo ensures total communication with property tenants. This constant stream of communication ensures positive customer service, with request-response rates within minutes of the inquiry.


At MerGo, we operate on the single belief that all properties should be managed with the utmost care and detail. To put it simply, we treat your investment property as if it was our own. We've developed efficient systems and processes to save money and increase tenant satisfaction, but above all, we make sure all properties are looked after with care — whether it be a single condo unit or a multi-residential building portfolio.

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  • 5
    MerGo has done an unbelievable job managing my Brookline rental portfolio. When I first brought them on in September, the properties were in really rough shape, as they had been neglected for the past several years. MerGo's hard work, expertise, commitment, and vision have helped transform a once inefficient and stagnant business into one with tremendous potential. Mergo's scope of services is all-encompassing - they have managed every facet of a large-scale roof renovation project; they have made rent collection much more efficient; they have quickly filled vacancies, and they have greatly improved communication and relations with tenants. In addition to great day-to-day property management, MerGo has spent countless hours identifying inefficiencies, exploring cost-effective solutions, and providing thorough projections along with sound advice. They conducted an insurance policy review which resulted in us saving thousands of dollars a year while increasing our coverage and getting better policies! Their attention to detail and commitment to providing a top-notch service have been highly impressive. If you are looking for a quality management company to help maximize potential and give you peace of mind knowing that your property is being managed properly, I highly recommend MerGo.
  • 5
    We renovated the ground floor of our home into a rental unit and we started working with MerGo as we finished up construction. They helped us understand the market, gave advice on what we should provide, took pictures, and found a tenant for us. They and were responsive and thorough throughout the process. They took over managing the space in December just as the weather turned cold and responded instantly to problems with the heating and pipes. MerGo gets and A+ for customer service from us.
    South Boston
  • 5
    Thank you for the amazing ongoing work you've been doing managing our property - much appreciated! When we decided to move to London, we were putting our fabulously unique (and thus very niche) property on the market at among the worst times possible from a rentability perspective - the week before Thanksgiving! You have reflected true grit and ingenuity getting us to workable arrangement. Thanks to you we aren't losing our shirts as we have thriving Airbnb arrangement on our way to better timed regular rental entry this summer. I also appreciate all of your proactive attention to various home maintenance and improvement topics you've taken in our best interest. Thank you!
  • 5
    MerGo Group Property Management has made my first experience being a landlord easy and carefree. They quickly found my tenants, performed the necessary background checks, communicated early and often, and processed all paperwork and deposits timely and accurately. Throughout this first year they quickly made routine repairs and kept me informed of cost and timing. They have the best interests of both landlord and tenant in mind and have fostered a friendly, responsive, and cooperative relationship with both parties which has resulted in high satisfaction. You can trust MerGo Group will deliver worry-free, high quality, and courteous service.
  • 5
    When I decided to rent out my condo, MerGo Group helped me step by step through the process. They marketed the property, screened applicants and secured a terrific tenant. They have quickly and capably addressed the handful of maintenance issues that have come up. MerGo has always been very professional, prompt and responsive, and I've been impressed with the quality of their work. I would simply not have been able to be a landlord otherwise--they make the process truly hassle-free.
  • 5
    MerGo Group is a great property management company. They are polite, knowledgeable, and easy to get a hold off. As an owner, I trust that MerGo Group will manage my property well and keep me posted of any issues in the unit. They treat me and my tenant with respect and I think that's what makes them an utter joy to work with. I hope to keep a very long working relationship with MerGo Group and have recommended them to friends who have rental properties. MerGo Group is simply the best!
  • 5
    My wife and I worked with MerGo Group from the day we started searching for an investment property, then through purchase, marketing, and now management. It's been a pleasure every step of the way. Not only is the team at MerGo Group personable, but they have been both proactive and responsive; highly attentive to both me and my tenants. They have been an ideal partner in property management.
  • 5
    MerGo Group has proved to be a dependable property manager for me at a tricky time as I was quickly moving out of state but wanted to ensure my tenants would be well taken care of. We worked on a new lease which would protect my best interests while looking after my reliable tenants. MerGo Group has always been quick and easy to get a hold of and has been ahead of the game on checking on seasonal maintenance plans and providing tax forms. Knowing that their services also include securing future renters for the space will help me rest easy in the future as well.
  • 5
    I have really enjoyed working with MerGo Group. They demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of looking after my rental property in Boston, when I live out of state. MerGo Group initially helped me find tenants and then ensured they were the right fit for the property. They immediately take care of any issues that arise at the property and make good decisions about what issues need to be fixed and contact me with the best options for me to make the final decision. It has been a real pleasure working with MerGo Group and I would recommend them for anyone looking to manage their property!
    South End


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