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Management Services

Your All-In-One Real Estate Investment Solution
The Modern Approach to Property Management
Turn your rental property into a passive investment.

As a full-service property management company, we operate on the single belief that all properties should be managed with the utmost care and detail. That means handling everything you’d expect from a traditional property manager—like maintenance requests, finding well-qualified tenants, and collecting rent. 

But we also operate outside the confines of traditional property management to help you accomplish your financial goals with services like rental property optimization, insurance policy audits, market-rate price checks, and more. At Mergo, we want to help you get the most out of your investment—whatever that means for you.

Round-the-Clock Maintenance Support Line
Competitive Rental Pricing Analysis
Rental Property Performance Enhancements
Comprehensive Tenant Selection and Screening Process
Rent Collection & Bookkeeping
Up-to-date Leasing Documents Prepared by Our Attorneys
Flat, Tax-deductible Rate of 5%
Comprehensive Insurance Policy Assessments
Dedicated In-House Real Estate Brokerage Team

Annual Collected Rents

Optimized rent pricing and collection

Property Renovations & Repair

Building, construction, and maintenance expertise

Under Management

Consistent growth since 2015
  • 24/7 Maintenance

    As a full-service property management company, we take the lead on all maintenance with your property. With every property we take on, we start with a physical inspection of the property and mechanical systems and provide our best recommendations to maximize long-term profits. Preventative maintenance plans are developed and monitored by our team to keep your property up to date and stop problems before they occur.

    But it doesn’t stop there. Our 24/7 phone line ensures your tenants will always receive a quick response, day or night, to fix their problem. We conduct full unit turnovers between tenants with professional cleaning and repairs. Plus, you always benefit from our long-term relations with contractors for quick, cost-effective upgrades and repairs as needed.

  • General Management

    Forget the daily minutiae of being a landlord—we’ve got it covered. Our team manages all tenant relations including tenant calls, inquiries, maintenance requests, and lease rule enforcement. We conduct full pre-move-in and post-move-out inspections to ensure your property is always in top shape, and handle insurance and claims coordination on an as-needed basis.

    Our in-house rental agent fills all vacancies, coordinates new lease renewals, and obtains and qualifies new tenants as needed so your property is always occupied and generating revenue. Evictions, while rare, are handled entirely by our team as needed.

  • Financial Services

    You’re in this for the money, right? That’s why we make rent collection easy. Our team manages all rent collection and deposits, including administering late fees or following up with past due tenants as needed. Our online portal gives you full visibility into your properties and allows your tenants to pay rent and make maintenance requests online. Security deposits (including interest) and prepaid last month’s rent is held securely by us until tenancy ends, in accordance with all local regulations.

    We also provide our owners with annual and monthly property statements, detailing all income and expenses to keep you up to date on the performance of your properties. Net rental income is transferred directly into your account once per month, and you’ll receive clear year-end financial documents for tax season.

  • Leasing

    We want your property to be occupied quickly, consistently, and with great tenants. Our in-house rental agent makes that happen by marketing your listing, showing it to prospective tenants, and handling all renewals, lease turnovers, leasing paperwork, and sublets. The end result is that you can rest easy knowing your property will always be generating income for you.

    Our extensive tenant screening process provides you with the highest-quality tenants through background checks, credit checks, and employment verification—meaning more consistent income, less additional costs, and less headaches. Broker fees are paid by tenants unless otherwise specifically agreed upon between owner and manager.

  • Maximizing Profits

    Our goal is to optimize your property to increase both occupancy rates and rental price for sustained long-term profit. We start by helping you get your property in top condition to maximize rental rates, then use our industry-leading pricing algorithm to identify the perfect market rate for your property that will maximize both occupancy rates and rental price.

    Yearly rent increases are calculated and handled by our team to provide increased profit over time without creating additional turnover. We also look into all possible areas to save you money, including full insurance audits to ensure you’re paying the least possible for the most amount of coverage.