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From dealing with those Sunday night calls about clogged toilets or no hot water…
To finding and screening reliable tenants that pay on time and take good care of your property…
​​​​​​​To ensuring your leasing docs are up-to-date from a legal standpoint, you aren’t overpaying for an insurance policy, and you’re getting the biggest possible investment return on your property…

…there’s a lot that goes into managing a property.

Yet, finding a property manager that helps with all these things (not to mention one who is trustworthy and honest!) isn’t always easy.
​​​​​​​And that’s why MerGo was born – as a modern, updated approach to condo, rental property, and real estate management in the Boston area (including Brookline and Cambridge).

By taking care of all aspects of your property beyond just the maintenance requests – including rental property optimization, tenant communication, brokerage services, leasing documents, insurance audits, and more – we’re able to truly turn your property into the high-earning passive investment you’re looking for.

(Not yet sure if you need a property manager in the first place? Then check out our “Do I Need a Property Manager?” article here)

All the Ways Mer Go Helps Turn Your Property Into a True Passive Investment

24/7 maintenance request phone line & preventative maintenance checks that keep your property in tip-top shape year-round

No matter the time nor day your tenants have a problem or maintenance issue, we have someone on staff 24/7 to respond to them (so you don’t have to!). And thanks to our preferred team and long-term connections with local plumbers, roofers, contractors, masons, cleaners, trash removal, and maintenance crews, we’re able to get someone out to help your tenants quicker than an independent landlord could on their own.

Beyond this, we’ll also schedule and perform reoccurring preventative maintenance checks and tune-ups on your properties – like changing air filters quarterly or catching that leaky pipe before the apartment floods to save you time and money down the road. And no, we won’t upcharge you for these services like many property management companies.

“I’ve had to deal with some terrible property management companies in Boston in the past…

…so it’s refreshing to deal with one that actually replies to emails and calls in a timely manner, does what they say they’re going to do, and actually has my best interests in mind.

Could not recommend MerGo enough.”

-Aidan D, tenant in a MerGo property in Boston

When you begin working with MerGo, we do everything we can to turn your properties into the highest-earning passive income asset possible. And since we currently manage 150+ properties in the Boston area, we’ve learned the property tips & tricks that work.

This means that we’ll:

  • Optimize your property overall with a pre- and post-unit check to see how we can help your properties run better and increase their value
  • Verify that you’re getting the most in rent per month in accordance with the market
  • Audit your insurance policies to make sure you’re paying the least you can for the most amount of coverage

Property optimization & market-rate expertise that guarantees you’re earning as much as you possibly can from your property

When I first brought Nate on board in September 2017, the properties were in really rough shape, as they had been neglected for the past several years. Nate and his team’s hard work, expertise, commitment and vision have helped transform a once inefficient and stagnant business into one with tremendous potential.

In addition to great day-to-day property management, MerGo has spent countless hours identifying inefficiencies, exploring cost-effective solutions, and providing thorough projections along with sound advice. If you are looking for a quality management company to help maximize potential and give you peace of mind knowing that your property is being managed properly, I highly recommend MerGo.”

-Pat L, property owner in Brookline

In-house brokerage team with an extensive process for finding & screening rental tenants (and who can even help you with buying or selling properties as well!)

Since the founders of MerGo are realtors themselves, we have a pool of potential renters we can pull from to find you the right tenant for your property. And to make sure your tenants are a great fit (in other words, that they will pay on time and take care of your property), we also have an extensive screening process – including credit checks and income verification – that we run all applicants through.

And should you choose to buy additional properties or sell what you have now in the future, no need to turn to another realtor – our in-house brokerage team can help!

“When I decided to rent out my condo, MerGo helped me step-by-step through the process.

They marketed the property, screened applicants, and secured a terrific tenant. They have quickly and capably addressed the handful of maintenance issues that have popped up. ​​​​​​​

I would simply not have been able to be a landlord otherwise – they make the process truly hassle-free.

-Ann H, property owner in Fenway

By taking care of all the logistics of being a landlord, as well as by giving you an online portal where you get full transparency of your properties (and where your tenants can quickly and easily pay rent and make a maintenance request), there’s really nothing left for you to do except wait for the rent deposit to appear in your bank account each month!

Although you can check in on your financials whenever you like with the online portal, we’ll also send you a completed 1099 for your properties at the end of each year, as well as a statement with all your property transactions each month.

Accounting, rent collection, bookkeeping, and an online tenant portal that ensures all you have to do is look out for your rent deposit each month

As a first time landlord MerGo has been a pleasure to deal with. They took care of the entire process from leasing my unit, recommending updates to increase the rental value, to handling all tenant communication, rent collection, and maintenance.

I couldn’t have been a landlord without their help and expertise.”

-David S, property owner

Up-to-date leasing & legal documents prepared by our lawyers that meet all current relevant laws

Unfortunately, we often see new owners come to us with leasing documents that leave them vulnerable to lawsuits or have loopholes that potentially allow tenants to break their leases without protecting the landlord. Put simply, just filling in a template from the internet isn’t enough here!

That’s why, as part of our service, we’ll provide you with our own proprietary leasing documents, which are created and regularly updated by our lawyers to be current with all relevant laws.

My husband and I turned the ground floor of our house into a rental unit and we started talking to MerGo as we finished up construction. 

They helped us understand the market, gave advice on what we should provide, took pictures, and found a tenant for us. They took over managing the space in December just as the weather turned cold and responded instantly to problems with the heating and pipes.

MerGo gets an A+ for customer service from us.

-Sarah C, property owner in south Boston

We’re not going to beat around the bush – dealing with tenants (even great tenants) can be hard work.

Beyond just maintenance requests, you’d be surprised by how many inquiries tenants have. Questions about your property, renewals, how the heat or AC works, disputes with neighbors, delays in their trash pickup…the list goes on!

Unfortunately, we know that many property management companies have a reputation for being rude to tenants or not available when they need it. That’s why, beyond the fact that your tenants will be able to get ahold of us 24/7 within minutes (and we even have a full-time staff member dedicated purely to addressing tenant inquiries), we also make a point to treat all tenants with kindness.

A customer-service-backed approach that deals with all your tenant communication, treats your tenants like people, and allows them to get a hold of us within minutes

I am a tenant at one of MerGo’s Somerville properties. They have been great so far.

I recently had an issue with my radiator, and they got someone out that day to take a look and fix the issue. They are super responsive and efficient with all of my needs as a tenant.”

-Mandy Jean, tenant of a MerGo property​​​​​​​

Flat, tax-deductible rate of 5% – no unexpected upcharges or surprise maintenance fees guaranteed

Between the out-of-pocket costs of maintenance, the property advertising, the risks of having a bad tenant or flawed legal docs (not to mention all the time and energy you’d spend on dealing with it all on your own), the cost of this 5% flat rate easily pays for itself.

Not to mention, this 5% includes everything we do. In other words, you’ll always know exactly how much you owe each month without any surprise charges.

24/7 “maintenance phone line”

Rental property optimization

Market-rate rental price checks

Extensive process for finding & screening tenants

In-house real estate brokerage team

Rent collection & bookkeeping

Up-to-date leasing docs prepared by our lawyers

Insurance policy audits

Flat, tax-deduction rate of 5%

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