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How Residents and Managers Can Retain a Good Relationship

Tenants and property managers work to maintain a professional and respectful relationship to ensure a positive living experience for everyone involved. Here are some tips on how tenants and managers should treat each other to work cohesively.

  1. Communication:
    • Keep open and clear communication channels. Tenants should report any maintenance or other issues promptly, and notify their managers of any changes in your contact information.
    • Communicate politely and professionally, whether it’s in person, over the phone, or in writing; as this is a professional work setting environment and relationship.
  2. Respect Property Rules:
    • Familiarize yourself with the property rules and regulations. Abide by them to maintain a harmonious living environment for all residents. Managers are hired by landlords to follow and enforce the lease and property rules and laws that tenants are required to follow.
  3. Pay Rent On Time:
    • Pay your rent on time as per the terms of your lease agreement. Timely payments contribute to a positive relationship with your property manager and landlord.
  4. Maintenance Requests:
    • Submit maintenance requests through the appropriate channels provided by your property manager. Clearly describe the issue and provide any necessary details to help them address the problem efficiently. The goal of the management team is to fix the problem quickly and correctly.
  5. Keep the Property Clean and Well-Maintained:
    • Take care of the property as if it were your own. Keep it clean, report any damage promptly, and follow any guidelines for maintaining the property. Landlords and managers value residents who value their property and the better maintained a unit the longer the relationship can last usually with lower rent increases making all parties happy.
  6. Follow Lease Terms:
    • Adhere to the terms outlined in your lease agreement. This includes respecting noise levels, parking regulations, and any other stipulations set forth by the property management and landlord. The management company is required to follow the lease terms and enforce them as much as the tenant is required the same. Landlords hire management companies to enforce the lease.
  7. Be Courteous:
    • Treat property management staff with courtesy and respect. They are there to help and ensure the smooth operation of the property in return the manager will always treat the residents with respect and courtesy. One of the biggest things to remember is that managers are there to fix problems, not create them, and while problems arise that are unanticipated the team works hard to resolve them quickly and correctly. Although most people don’t understand, the team does empathize and sympathize with issues that arise as they too have lived through similar issues and problems.
  8. Notify in Advance:
    • If you plan to move out or have any changes in your circumstances that might affect your tenancy, provide advance notice to your property manager. This allows them to plan accordingly.
  9. Understand Their Role:
    • Recognize that property managers have responsibilities and tasks that go beyond individual tenant concerns. Be patient and understanding if they are dealing with multiple issues simultaneously.
  10. Feedback:
    • If you have feedback, positive or negative, communicate it constructively. Providing feedback helps property managers understand tenant needs and improve their services.

Remember, a positive and cooperative relationship between tenants and property managers is beneficial for both parties. By treating your property manager with respect and fulfilling your responsibilities as a tenant, you contribute to a positive living environment and make the overall experience better for everyone involved.