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Happy Tenant, Happy Life! Featured Image

Happy Tenant, Happy Life!

How can I keep my tenants happy?

Every tenant wants to feel valued and heard … And every landlord wants to have easy and happy tenants!

The solution is easy: Treat your tenants with the attitude that the customer is always right (even if they aren’t). Giving a little gets the landlord a long way. Maintaining a good relationship with a tenant is what keeps them happy and at bay.

Communication is the key to success

The best way to do this? Always be in constant communication! When issues arise, it is extremely important that your tenants are being heard and that their issues are being resolved as soon as possible. Even if it takes longer than expected, your tenants want to know they haven’t been forgotten about. They want to know they’re being treated fairly.

At MerGo Property Management, we have systems in place to make sure our tenants’ maintenance requests and needs are heard and addressed within one hour. You’ll want to be sure to develop your own system to make sure your tenants are being heard.

Rent compensation: when should I use it?

If you can maintain consistent and friendly communication, you’re already ahead of the game. BUT, if serious issues arise and you lose control of a situation, offering rent compensation can be beneficial to avoid a larger lawsuit. This is a last resort effort, though, and should only be considered when a tenant has a legitimate claim. The eviction process in Massachusetts is extremely difficult, expensive and often uncertain for the landlord. We recommend doing what you can to keep your tenants happy. This means providing great customer service to avoid losing control of a situation or doing what must be done to regain control if it is lost.

The bottom line is that you should strive to maintain good communication and rapport with your tenants. This will not only make your life easier but, when issues arise, your tenants will be more likely to work through the problem instead of taking rash measures.

If you have further questions, please request more info — we’re always happy to talk about your property and how we can help you be a successful landlord!