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My Apartment Doesn’t Have Amenities! Featured Image

My Apartment Doesn’t Have Amenities!

“My apartment building doesn’t have amenities. What do I do!?”

This is a common question for many people who live in a building that don’t have amenities such as a gym, laundry services, or parking. The good news is there are plenty of services that will give you the same amenities of a full-service building but at a lower cost.

In our experience, the immense cost savings of living in a non-full-service building greatly outweigh the cost of a gym membership and laundry service. In fact, research shows that a building with amenities will be between 20-30% more than a comperable building without amenities.

Laundry options

In the Greater Boston Area, there are plenty of laundromats. But what if you don’t have time to sit at a laundromat and do your laundry? Well, laundry services such as “Life Without Laundry” and “Dependable Cleaners” will pick your laundry up, service it, then deliver it to you the next day. These wash/fold services are generally less than $30 for two weeks worth of laundry.

Gyms and health clubs

One of the benefits of living in and near a city is that there are plenty of options for health clubs. Healthworks, Boston Sports Club, Equinox and Planet Fitness are a few health clubs that offer monthly memberships and are located throughout the Greater Boston Area. There are also more boutique options such as Barry’s Bootcamp, Orangetheory, Barre, Flywheel and Title Boxing that offer specialized classes and memberships.

Not able to commit to one health club? ClassPass is a great option that gives you credits to try out different gyms across the city — even across the United States. Even though these memberships are expensive, the cost savings of not living in a full-service building will almost always outweigh the cost.

The bottom line

You will save between 20-30% by living in a building that does not classify itself as “full service.” These cost savings can be huge when living in one of the most expensive cities in the United States!